Collection, law enforcement and private detective agencies require access to accurate and reliable information to locate individuals or businesses. Access to real-time, on-line, up-to-date personal information is the key to locating individuals and their place of employment.

MASS INQUISITOR provides easy, yet powerful skip tracing capabilities using sophisticated searching algorithms with minimal user input.

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MASS Inquisitor II provides a powerful tool for proxy solicitors to locate shareholders prior to important votes or when a company pursues odd lot share buybacks. 

Additionally, MASS provides a
state of the art batching service
capable of finding shareholders or their relatives in a fraction of the time of manual lookups.  Most batches are returned in 24 hours or less.

By combining Inquisitor II with the MASS batching service our customers are utilizing a suite of  powerful services capable of maximizing their ability to locate individual shareholders.

MASS Inc has provided services to the telecom industry for more than twelve years. MASS is the leading provider of Directory Assistance systems to the independent telephone company market.

The core of the telecom services product line is the Information Services Gateway (ISG). The ISG is a powerful “carrier class” multi-database search engine and services platform. Carrier-class, because the ISG was developed to serve in the demanding performance and regulatory environment of telecom carriers and service providers.